Backyard Trend: Stock Tank Pools

Backyard Trend: Stock Tank Pools

When the temperatures rise and you’re looking for a way to cool off, it’s hard not to turn to a cheap inflatable pool—especially when the average cost of a typical backyard pool is around $20,000-30,000. Stock tank pools can be a great alternative for when you want something you and your friends can enjoy without needing to shell out thousands of dollars. It would also save you the hassle of dragging out and inflating the inflatable pool year after year.


Originally water troughs for livestock, stock tanks can be added to virtually any backyard that has a large area of flat land. For a few hundred dollars, you can install a stock tank pool that is the perfect size for a few people to cool off. The tanks can be purchased at a farm supply store or at some home improvement stores. You’ll be seeing more of these in the future, as it’s becoming a big backyard trend right now. It’s easy to see why — they’re affordable, easy to install, and low-commitment! The galvanized metal also goes great with rustic or farmhouse-style homes.


The set up is easy — essentially, you seal off a flat area in your yard and drop the stock tank there. Unlike larger pools, a cement slab isn’t necessary. Instead, you can use compacted sand or crushed granite as the base. A licensed electrician is always recommended for any hookups where water and electricity are involved, so give one a call to set up your pump/filter if you’re using one. After everything is set up, fill it up with water and enjoy!

Maintenance isn’t difficult either, especially if you choose to install a filter. If you forgo the filter, just drain the tank after each use. A pump/filter is recommended — without one, the standing water can attract mosquitoes and algae. You can even enjoy your stock tank through the winter as well by connecting a pump and water heater.

To optimize your experience, treat it just as you would a pool by using an above-ground pump/filter, adding chlorine, and testing the water with pool strips. Some people even shock it when needed! If you’re noticing the tank still getting dirty, just drain it, clean it, and refill it. Be wary of adding too much chlorine though, as it can encourage corrosion of the galvanized metal.

Stock tank pools are the perfect backyard accessory this summer, as they’re sturdier than plastic or inflatable kiddie pools, and adults can join in on the fun!

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